Andrew Shetland

Founded in 2006, this $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a Connecticut public college or university student who embodies the energy for life and passion for helping others that Bryan's legacy so vividly represents. Students must be enrolled in classes for the fall semester in the year in which they apply.

2016 scholarship award will be announced soon, check back for updates on application deadlines for 2017. 


As a CCSU student pursuing a BS in Industrial Technology, Andrew's academic achievements were evident in the Associate's degree he had already earned, as well as the memberships he held in several professional and honor societies. It was his dedication to family and community, however, that set him apart as the 2008 scholarship recipient. After serving in the United States Navy, Andrew joined the National Guard following the attack on 9/11 and bravely served his country for a tour in Afghanistan. He also contributes to his community on a local level by dedicating his time to coaching youth sports and volunteering with education program. In his application letter, Andrew reflected on the influence of his life experiences:

"We all have the power to inspire and change the world."

Nikole Doolittle beat the odds when she survived a 2004 car cash in which she was ejected from a speeding car. After spending a month in a coma and two years in rehabilitation re-learning basic life functions including breathing & walking, Nikole began to use her experience to make a difference in the lives of others. Through her volunteer work speaking at schools across the state to students about safe driving, and her participation in political events to support passing teenage driving laws, Nikole continues to make the most of every day and successfully completed her undergrad studies, graduating from ECSU in 2010. Nikole embodies the energy for life that is sought after in a scholarship recipient, because as she wrote in her application letter:

"I have known defeat, suffering, struggle, and loss, but have still somehow found my way out of the depths, and now have appreciation, sensitivity, and understanding for life...while others reluctantly get up and go on with their daily lives, I am thankful I simply get up, walk and have another day of life."

Nikole Doolittle

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